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Former Attorney General questions the operations of the Judiciary in the midst of its ongoing brawl

Attorney Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj has voiced his concerns over the operations of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission or JLSC as he highlighted that Marcia Ayer-Caesar sought his legal counsel on matters arising out of her recent appointment to the position of High Court Judge and subsequent resignation following the controversy surrounding what the JLSC calls misinformation about her pending work load at the Magistrate’s Court.

Speaking during a media briefing held at his San Fernando office on Saturday, Maharaj indicated that during his career as a lawyer and his time as a politician he has publicly expressed his concerns over the independence of the Judiciary and the rule and law whenever there were threats to its principles.

He went on to state that the office of the Chief Justice has, at all times, access to statistical data an all matters relating to Magistrates and Judges.

He also stated that since the position of High Court Judge supersedes that of a Magistrate, there is no law prohibiting Ayers-Caesar from completing her matters at the Magistrate’s Court if that was require by the JLSC.

Moreover, Maharaj underscored that the letter of resignation issued by Ayers-Caesar was prepared by officials at the Hall of Justices and was only signed by her. As a result, there are questions as to whether or not that letter has any legal effect.