Former Finance and National Security Minister Howard Chin Lee is today expressing disappointment with what he says is inaccurate information arising out of a viral voice note from a woman alleging to be a police officer.

In the voice note the woman can be heard explaining that she pulled aside a car, which she subsequently realized was driven by the wife of Chin Lee.

She also says that the woman did not have the vehicle’s current insurance and registration so she asked her to come down to the nearest police station.

The WPC further accused Mrs. Chin Lee of speeding.

The WPC said Mrs. Chin Lee was angry about being asked to go to the police station and accused the former National Security Minister accosting her when he arrived at the police station.

Mr. Chin Lee however said he simply went to the police station to hand over the vehicle’s registration information, adding that the matter is now before the courts.

The alleged WPC said she was told that the issue ‘was not a big deal’.