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Former Health Minister calls for prosecution of people who start bush fires

Former Health Minister calls for prosecution of people who start bush fires


San Juan/Barataria MP, Dr. Fuad Khan

San Juan/Barataria MP, Dr. Fuad Khan says it is time to discuss the creation of a dedicated, specialized unit tasked with the investigation into bushfires and the apprehension and indictment of persons found to be responsible.

His statement comes on the heels of the death of 9 year old of Hezekiah Hospedales who was killed as a result of smoke inhalation cause by a bush fire in Febeau Village, San Juan on Sunday.
The former health minister, in his statement noted that since the death of forester Keith Campbell last week Friday, there has been no word from the relevant authorities regarding any investigation into the fire that cost him his life in the call of duty. He also notes that there has been no information as to whether anyone will be charged for the four hundred other fires that have ravaged this country this year.

Dr. Khan said people need to be held accountable for their actions, noting that by deliberately setting these fires, many find themselves responsible for the deaths of innocent civilians. He said further to that, people need to be responsible for their actions, and in the instances where people start these fires without the necessary permission, that lead to the loss of property and lives, they should be faced with the consequences for their indiscretions and penalized within the confines of the law.


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    With the extremely poor law inforcement of T&T no perpetrator will ever be caught. However, Mr. Kahn has to be careful. It is an East Indian tradition to set fire on forest to increase farmland.If he annoys Indian people too much he should better emigrate to Pakistan where his ancestors came from.No decent Hindu man will take orders from a muslim. Mr. Kahn should go to his iman and tell him to pray for the souls of those who lost their lives due to fire and smoke