Former Health Minister, Dr. Fuad Khan.

Former Health Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Fuad Khan has infuriated a sea of Soca music supporters this week, his statements on the influence of soca’s lyrics on the minds of would-be domestic violence perpetrators, causing mass hysteria.

Whether they have a right to be angered or not, his statement has hit hard, giving many a contentious topic to weigh in on. His comment comes following the attack and murder of a 28-year-old woman by her partner who she had fled. It also follows last week’s debate over whether Trinidad and Tobago’s dancehall acts should be allowed to perform their dancehall songs at Carnival events. Many argue that some of the lyrics expressed in the local dancehall music, glorify the gangster lifestyle and as such, has no place in Carnival.

The Barataria Member of Parliament has called on local artistes to do better. “Sing something different. Grow up and stop degrading our women,” he said on Saturday. He said whether its Soca, Chutney or Dancehall, much of the lyrics are designed to a woman’s body.