Former Justice Minister and Supreme Court Judge, Herbert Volley this morning gave his opinion on the buggery law, relaying information on his efforts while in office, via a social media post. Explaining that ‘Buggery’ remains a criminal offense in Trinidad and Tobago at this time, as an appeal has been initiated, Mr. Volney sought to explain how he had attempted to assist prison inmates by introducing conjugal visits while he was Justice Minister, but faced backlash in so doing.

Below is his social media post.

In my mind, the lifestyle of anyone under the flag is a matter for them. We are tolerant of it even though most people are to be considered ‘straight’. What woman and woman, and man and man do privately is the expression of their personal preferences and desires.

The act of buggery, however, is an unnatural one and for this reason, and this reason alone, is frowned upon by those of us who are not that way inclined. It is not even ‘sex’ per se and that is why it is defined not just by law, but by dictionary, as buggery. Today with access to free porn on the internet even ‘straight’ couples try this unnatural act in the privacy of their homes. They may think that it is ‘kinky’ but nonetheless it is vice even in their eyes.

Buggery is a criminal offence in the law books once the matter is on appeal and a stay of judgment has been granted. The fact is that the police do not get involved in this conduct between consenting adults as there is no complaint. The criminal offence is most often charged when a man forces his way per anus on a woman who he has invariably first raped in order to demean her. This is the offence we must fervently guard for it is in the element of unlawful conduct that lies the offence and not in the act itself.

For me as a former judge, and a practicing Catholic, I can find biblical comfort for my personal view that the act of buggery is both despicable as it is abominable. It is unnatural. As minister of justice I sought to introduce conjugal visits by wives and girlfriends for the purpose of natural sex between consenting adults in the prison system. Hypocrites out there jumped on my back and they are the same ones who find it alright or just punishment for the inmate to be held down and buggered. Well I don’t and I was about to do something about it.

Today, a gay rights activist with only his navel string in Trinidad has attempted to decriminalize buggery. Is it that he wants to have the freedom to come ‘home’ to Trinidad to get it in his butt? As far as the vast majority of us believe, he did not have to go to court to have the law of buggery struck down for he was never charged for getting it in his butt before. It is the boldness of the court action and the celebration that followed what could well be a hollow first instance victory that has attracted the ire of the population but for a few here and there. Let the community know that we still love them as we always did and will, but don’t try to make it look as if buggery is acceptable conduct.