Amid calls for Former National Security Minister, Gary Griffith to be considered for the position of Police Commissioner, the man himself is telling News Power Now that even when he applies for the post, there is no indication of when this process will be finalized.

Gary Griffith

Former National Security Minister, Gary Griffith

Mr. Griffith spoke with News Power Now in an interview this morning.


He commented on the need for tactical delivery when it comes to policing in this country, highlighting the most recent arms and ammunition haul.

He however lamented that a blame game attitude is being perpetrated by the Trinidad and Tobago police service and said no law enforcement agency should be pointing fingers at another.


On the flip side, the former national Security Minister said the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service should instead look at what they failed to do.


Griffith, who was a captain within the Trinidad and Tobago defense force, has been endorsed by social activist Inshan Ishmael who says Griffith’s has delivered good policies in the past.