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Political Leader of The Congress of the People, Prakash Ramadhar

Congress of the People Leader, Prakash Ramadhar has come in for stinging criticism from the Former Minister of National Security Gary Griffith.

In a release issued this morning, the Former Security Minister accused the COP Leader of starting to reveal a spine of convenience.

He said that it was amazing if not comical to suddenly see that Ramadhar found his voice and spine, with the audacity of speaking about natural justice in the matter over the firing of the Central Bank Governor.

In the release, he stated that blind loyalty and political affiliation was showing its head, with Mr Ramadhar trying to lead the charge in protest of the firing of Mr Rambarran.

He said that in his defence of Mr Rambarran, he conveniently left out issues that he refused to consider.

He questioned, if Mr Rambarran stated that this was the 4th consecutive quarter of negative growth, seeing that he liked to update the public on important matters, why did he not reveal to the public, the first 3 periods when this negative growth was taking place, which was ironically under the previous UNC Government?

He went on to ask whether or not there was a reason that negative growth was not mentioned for three periods however in the fourth period it became a matter of such critical importance that the public needed to be notified so quickly that the Minister of Finance could not have the basic courtesy of being informed.

He also questioned whether or not the previous Minister of Finance was apprised of the development but never informed the nation since it could have become a major topic in the Election campaign.

He said the same Prakash Ramadhar who was supporting the former Finance Minister was the same person who saw COP Senators being removed and replaced by UNC supporters, and he did nothing.

Griffith went on to say that the COP leader and others had an uncanny principle of “do as I say,  but not as I did “