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Former Security Minister says there has been a breach of security in light on Benz issue

Former Security Minister says there has been a breach of security in light on Benz issue


Office of the Prime Minister, St. Clair

The Office of the Prime Minister in a statement replaced vehicles will be publicly auctioned in accordance with the law.

The statement comes amid concern that a new Mercedes Benz S Class has been purchased by the Prime Minister’s office amid what has been coined tough economic times facing the country.

In its statement on Monday, the Office of the Prime Minister notes that the new vehicle was in fact purchased at a cost of $970,763.26, further explaining that the procurement of the vehicle and any other vehicle for the use of the Office of the Prime Minister is an administrative function carried out by the relevant staff of the Office of the Prime.

It is noted that there are number of matters that are considered in determining the vehicle or vehicles used to transport the Prime Minister including, safety and comfort.

The Office of the Prime Minister also highlighted that motor vehicles for use by the Prime Minister have been replaced on a phased basis, since vehicles kept for over 5 years have become increasingly costly to maintain.


Mercedes Benz S Class

Mercedes Benz S Class

Meanwhile… The official vehicle for the Prime Minister was due to be changed since 2012.

This is according to former National Security Minister, Gary Griffith.

He commented on criticisms leveled against the Prime Minister after the purchase of a Mercedes Benz S Class for official use.

In an interview this morning, he lamented the fact that the situation had now become a political issue.

He said that because the issue was politicized the banana republic thinking has returned.

He said because of this there has now been a serious security breach.



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    The mighty Trinifeak 2 years

    Of course a Mercedes Benz is a suitable vehicle for a primeminister of a civilized nation.If Mr. Griffith thinks T&T is not a civilized nation an amoured vehicle should be purchased.Also Mr. Griffith knows such a vehicle is far more expensive than the Benz.However, other solution can be found. May be an amoured donkeycard which is even cheaper than the Mercedes Benz. Furthermore Mr Griffith could employ his security guards in order to protect the primeminister.