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Former UDECOTT Chairman Calder Hart says the findings of the Commission of Enquiry into Las Alturas housing development are illegal

Former executive chairman of the Urban Development Corporation of T&T or Udecott, Calder Hart, wants the findings of the Commission of Enquiry into the Las Alturas housing development quashed and his name cleared, because he believes those findings are “illegal”.

According to an article in the Express newspaper, Hart claims he was denied “natural justice and due process” by the commission because he was not provided with “adequate notice of the contemplated adverse findings” that were made against him.

The commission identified Hart as being “accountable and liable” for the losses incurred with the housing project and recommended that civil action be taken against him when the report was laid in Parliament last September.

In light of this, Hart has sought legal action against the Commission of Enquiry, its chairman Justice Mustapha Ibrahim and the two other commissioners, Dr Myron Wing-Sang Chin and Anthony Farrell.

The Attorney General is also said to have been named as an interested party in the matter.

Because the inquiry has ended, the three commissioners, who have all been named as defendants in the matter, have been given substituted service.

The commissioners have until June 1st to respond if they desire to defend the legal action.