Calypso Fiesta 2As the Carnival season heats up, Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organization (TUCO) is under fire from the management of the Calypso Review Tent who claim victimization over the fact that just one artiste from their tent will advance to Saturday’s semi-finals.

The results of the semi-finalists were announced on Tuesday.

Tent officials say this is unprecedented in the history of the tent.

Speaking with Power 102.1 FM, Eric Taylor, also known as “Pink Panther”, said that the management cannot fathom how only one member of their cast could have advanced to the semi-finalals.

phoca_thumb_l_DSC_7931Here now is the list of the 40 semi finalists for Saturday’s Calypso Fiesta

1.    Alex Gift
2.    Allan Fortune
3.    Anthony Hendrickson. All Allrounder
4.    Brian London
5.    Dalanie Baynes
6.    Dexter Parsons
7.    Dianne Hendrickson-Lady Wonder
8.    Dr. Hollis Liverpool-Chalkdust
9.    Duane O’Connor
10.    Eunice Peters
11.    Ezekiel Yorke
12.    Giselle F. Washington
13.    Heather Mac Intosh
14.    Henson Wright-Calypso Prince
15.    Jalani Kojo-Lani  K
16.    Karen Eccles Thomas
17.    Karene Asche
18.    Kenrick Burnette-Bontin
19.    Kerice Pascall
20.    Kizzie Ruiz
21.    Kurt Allen
22.    Kyle Arnold
23.    Lornette Nedd- Reid- Fya Empress
24.    Lynette Steele-Lady Gypsy
25.    Maria Bhola La Caille
26.    Marsha Clifton-Lady Adanna
27.    Marvah Joseph-Marvellous Marva
28.    Meguella Simon
29.    Myron Bruce-Myron B
30.    Roderick Gordon-Chuckie
31.    Ronaldo London
32.    Rondell Donawa
33.    Sasha Ann Moses
34.    Selvon Noel-Mista Shak
35.    Sheldon Bullen-Sheldon  Nugget
36.    Terri Lyons
37.    Victoria Cooper Rahim-Queen Victoria
38.    Wendy Garrick
39.    Weston Rawlins-cro cro
40.     And Winston Peters    The Gypsy