drownNews Power Now understands that the first double drowning stole the lives of 49 year old Allied Security Services Estate Constable, Deoraj Harridass his and 13 year old step daughter, Ranesha Basdeo.

The pair of Roberts Street, Tableland, had been at the Otoire River. Reports are that Basdeo had gone to wash her hands and fell into a chasm- some 12-15 feet deep, which is known by most bathers.

The man subsequently tried to save her but also drowned. News Power Now understands that the coast guard has since been searching for their bodies.

In the other incident, 74 year old pensioner, Morris Sammy and his 9 year old granddaughter Anastazia Ali died after getting into difficulty at Mayaro beach on the weekend. A 10 year old girl, said to be the friend of the young victim, is also said to have gotten into difficulty but was saved.

The victims were residents of Claxton Bay. It is believed that the elderly man may have gotten cramps while in the water. Anastazia was pulled out of the water however attempts to save her life, proved futile. Relatives said the EHS service proved inefficient and, having arrived some 50 minutes after the incident had taken place. Relatives had instead opted to rush the girl to hospital with hopes of saving her life, however, she later died.