A fracas erupted at the headquarters of the Public Services Association today as Watson Duke suspended 4 members of the organization’s general council.

Today’s actions were sparked by the recent suspension of Joanne Semper-Caprietta.

When Mrs. Semper-Caprietta showed up at the building this morning to defend herself at the general council meeting, she was not allowed entry.

This led to a face-off between members of the PSA and security guards at the building during which the doors to the building were locked trapping some members in the building.

This culminated in police being called in to handle the situation.

Shortly afterwards, Mrs. Semper-Caprietta and the 4 suspended members along with other PSA members stormed the general council meeting.

The meeting was brought to an unruly end as voices rose and tempers flared.

Threats were also issued causing a fracas to ensue.

Speaking after the fracas, the Association Vice President, Nixon calendar said the action of the members was just a case of misguided democracy.

However, less than two hours after the incident, the PSA General Council held a press conference, with Watson Duke noticeably absent, at which it was revealed that the 4 suspended members have been reinstated with immediate effect while Vice President Callendar has been suspended pending the completion of a matter he has before the courts.

It was also revealed that PSA head Watson Duke will be written and asked to address allegations against him at a special meeting of the general council on August 26th.