Head of the Inter Island truckers Association, Horace Ameed is today expressing dissatisfaction and frustration with the handling of the sea bridge issues.


Tobago usually experiences increased occupancy during the Easter holiday period.

The approaching Easter holidays is usually one of the busiest holiday periods however sea transport between the islands continues to deteriorate.
None of the passenger ferries are in operation and the lone water taxi, which was capable of making the journey, is now down after a fire broke out in the engine room on Tuesday night.

The Cabo Star, the cargo vessel, can only accommodate 130 passengers, who are usually truckers transporting goods and material to and from the islands.

Speaking on CNC3 this morning, Mr. Ameed said the concern now is that there will be no visitors to the island because of how badly things have deteriorated.


Another source of frustration he revealed was suggestions by the Port Authority that there were efforts afoot to sabotage the Cabo Star.