A fresh row is breaking out today, between the government and the leadership of the country’s trade union movement- this over an announcement by the government, of a proposed open forum tripartite discusstion set to take place on September 13.

The Sunday Guardian reported yesterday that Energy Minister Franklin Khan, made this disclosure, during a report to the General Council of the ruling People’s National Movement, in his capacity as party chairman.

Minister Khan said the meeting will involve the trade union movement, and the leading private sector organisations, along with government representatives. But pushing back at this yesterday also, Joseph Remy, President of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions and NGO’s, said this is contrary to what the trade unions understood to be the meeting proposed for that date, with the Prime Minister and his team, following a meeting at the Office of the Prime Minister, last Wednesday.

He was speaking with Andy Johnson on the programme Impact T&T, on Power 102.1FM.

He said while the Prime Minister raised the idea of this wider consultation, the trade union leaders were firm in their belief that the September 13 meeting was a follow up to their discussions last Wednesday, at which they had left a number of issues on the table for further deliberation.

He said the labour leaders agreed to no such wider consultation, and would seek to have this matter cleared up today. 

Coming out of last Wednesday’s talks, OWTU leader Ancil Roget, said his side was left disappointed and dissatisfied with the way things went.