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Fuad Khan Blames Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley for Joshua Andrews’ Murder.

Fuad Khan Blames Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley for Joshua Andrews’ Murder.

Dr. Fuad Khan

If the Prime Minister wants to know whose hands are stained with the blood of fifteen- year- old Joshua Andrews, he should look at his own. This senseless killing is only the latest failure of the PNM after two years in office.These comments come from Opposition Member of Parliament for Barataria/San Juan, Dr. Fuad Khan.

In a media release issued today, Dr. Khan detailed his response to what he calls the excuses by Prime Minister Rowley on the PNM’s failure to stem the murder rate. In the release he stated that for Dr. Rowley to suggest that the responsibility of murders belong with the Opposition is hypocritical, since he was presented with the opportunity to enact his anti-gang legislation, with a two year sunset clause built in, as a mechanism to prevent tyranny. He said instead it was his own ego and stubbornness that caused the failure of the legislation.

Dr. Khan said the Prime Minister does not know what is causing the crime in this country, and therefore is in no position to prevent it. He pointed out that one may find a nexus between the decline of the economy and the increase in criminal activity, adding that as desperation continues to spread throughout society, crime is slowly becoming the only growth industry that is consistently providing opportunity to citizens.

The release concluded by noting that with or without anti-gang legislation, murder is still a crime in T&T, and it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that those who are guilty of it are brought to justice.