UTT’s Board of Governors and the Oilfield Workers’ Trade Union are to meet today at Education Ministry’s headquarters in Port-of-Spain to discuss the University of T&T future.

The UTT Branch published a two-page “Plain Talk” document on Friday titled “Sustainability and Viability of UTT as at April 2018.”

In that document to UTT staffers, it disclosed a response given to the union, a letter dated March 12 from the university’s president Sarim Al-Zubaidy in relation to the union’s proposals that were made on January 31 to cost reduction and the UTT restructuring.

The university’s proposed restructuring plan included the retrenchment of close to 300  workers in the first instance that would realise an estimated cost savings of $41 million.

Most of the workers proposed to be retrenched are junior–level workers, in that a particular department that was left with mostly managerial staff and others that were left with no junior–level workers on some campuses to provide a service to the students.

Although the university also proposed the removal of some managerial–level positions they also added new managerial–level positions but no new junior–level positions were added.