The Inter-Island Ferry Service is once advising members of the public that the T&T Spirit is still undergoing repairs.

In its absence, the sailing schedule of the Galleons Passage has been adjusted.

On Friday, the vessel is expected to leave Trinidad at 9 am and depart Tobago at 4 pm.

Speaking with News Power Now, Chairman of the Inter Island Transportation Committee, Dianne Haddad expressed frustration with the continuing sea bridge crisis, claiming that it could have been avoided if the powers that be had listened to suggestions made earlier.

There were reports that the Galleons Passage had to return to the port of Port-of-Spain for docking after it experienced some difficulty en route to Tobago on Wednesday.

One passenger in a video claimed that they were told the vessel had to return to Port of Spain because of issues with the weather.

However he noted that the sky was clear and the weather was sunny.

The video has been circulating widely on social media.