crime-scene-1Criminologist Dennis Brown says the suggestion that gang warfare is migrating from Port of Spain and environs to other parts of the country is completely false.


He says gang activity emanates from a state of mental existence.


He says Port of Spain and environs should not be seen as responsible for gang activity in south, central or other parts of the country.



More protestMr. Brown says young men now adays are volatile and that makes it easy for them to fall into a life of gang activity.



Mr. Brown explains that while a male may lose his life to gang warfare, it appears to be a badge of honor




Speaking on the power breakfast morning show earlier Mr. Brown said parents need to look out for their children especially the males.


He said there are normally warning signs that something is amiss long before they join a gang



Mr. Brown said once a male has been incorporated into a gang, getting out needs special intervention.