The Government of Trinidad and Tobago continues to be criticised for their handling, or lack thereof, of the matter involving Marlene Mc Donald.

While there has been much commentary from various stakeholders in the political arena, following Ms. Mc Donald’s detention by police last week, the absence of correspondence from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Communications has been quite noticeable.

Dr. Rowley said last week that he would not speculate on her future within the Government and would instead be guided by the actions of the police.

Strategic Security Consultant and Organizational Transformational Expert, Garvin Heerah says the Government has failed to treat with this matter as a crisis.

He was speaking on the programme Impact T&T on Power 102FM on Sunday, prior to the news that she would be fired.

Mr. Heerah pointed to the lack of definitive action or communication with the public on the issue.

Mr. Heerah stated that this incident and matters surrounding it could have a significant impact on this country’s image.