Former National Security Minister, Gary Griffith has initiated legal proceedings challenging the merit list of the Police Service Commission.

According to the Sunday Express, Griffith, an applicant for the post of Commissioner of Police, fired off a pre-action protocol letter to chairman Bliss Seepersad, in which he accused the Commission of acting “unlawfully”, with bias and of “abusing its powers”, in the selection process for the two top positions in the Police Service.

The letter, dated May 22nd and signed by attorney Christian Chandler, is demanding that the PSC, led by Dr. Maria Gomes, “rescind the earlier illegal recommendations” made by the Commission and instead “advance the merit list” which had been compiled by KPMG, in keeping with the legal notices.

Speaking with NewsPower Now on Sunday, Mr. Griffith further commented on his reason for taking such action.


He went on to say that the PSC had no authorisation to amend the legal notice.