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Gary Griffith’s Possible CoP Appointment Will Be Considered Today.

Gary Griffith’s Possible CoP Appointment Will Be Considered Today.

Gary Griffith’s possible appointment as Police Commissioner is due to be debated in Parliament today at a Parliamentary sitting set for 1:30 PM.

However, ahead of the debate comes word that the opposition is unsure if they will support his nomination for the post.

This has been confirmed by Opposition Member of Parliament, Dr. Roodal Moonilal.

Dr. Moonilal says the Opposition UNC Members of Parliament will meet before today’s sitting of the House of Representatives to decide on the matter.

The indecisiveness from the opposition surrounding Griffith’s nomination is a surprise as Griffith had served as national Security minister under the UNC led People’s Partnership Administration.

The Government has also remained hushed on reports that Griffith is indeed their preferred candidate for the post.

His potential appointment however has drawn mixed views with some supporting his tough-talking stance on crime while others note his political affiliation and the possibility for legal action by other candidates if he is selected, as well as other supposedly insensitive comments attributed to him.

He is credited with having referred to alleged criminals as cockroaches.

Many have even pointed out that if the Government does support him, it will be viewed as hypocrisy as he was a candidate chosen out of a process the Government has described as flawed.

Griffith became the top candidate after the Parliament rejected the Police Service Commission’s three previous candidates, Deodat Dulalchan, Harold Phillip…and Stephen Williams, who has acted in the post for the last six years.

Today’s sitting is the second time Parliament will meet in the current vacation period to debate a candidate sent by the Police Service Commission (PSC) via the Office of the President.

Griffith’s name was submitted to the President following the PSC’s statutory meeting last Tuesday.