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General Secretary of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha labels deceased former Prime Minister Patrick Manning a racist.

General Secretary of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha labels deceased former Prime Minister Patrick Manning a racist.

Sat Maharaj

Sat Maharaj

While many paid glowing tributes to the man who led this country as Prime Minister and Leader of the People’s National Movement years ago aftyer he passed away, one man was not so endearing.

General secretary of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), Sat Maharaj, yesterday launched a verbal attack on former prime minister Patrick Manning, describing him as a “racist.”

In making his comments, Maharaj said he and several members of the public came to that conclusion based on a series of discriminatory practices Manning perpetuated against Indians in T&T while he served as PM.

During an interview recently, Maharaj said in retrospect he felt “hurt” that many of Manning’s actions were “racist”, unfair and biased against a number of Indians in the country.

Maharaj said that as prime minister Mr. manning acted in a discriminatory manner.

Manning, 69, died on July 2 at the San Fernando General Hospital. He had been hospitalised for a lung infection but was subsequently diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, a rare, aggressive cancer of the blood.

The closure of Caroni 1975 Ltd, whose employees were mostly Indians, Maharaj said was one decision Manning made that crippled the lives of thousands of struggling Indians.

Maharaj said Manning’s attempt to have Sat Sharma removed as Chief Justice for misbehaviour in public office and for having a limited state of emergency around the home of then House Speaker Occah Seapaul were unforgettable instances.


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    The mighty Trinifeak 2 years

    Surprise surprise Patrick Manning was a racist. When people speak about T&T as a racist country one leading figure of racism is known as Sat Maharaj who accused Patrick Manning he wanted to douglarize T&T. To doughlarize means that people of East Indian and African decent will mix. According to previous statements Sat Maharaj made he is against the amalgamation of East Indians with the rest of T&T. Therefore it appears Sat Maharaj is the biggest racist of T&T.

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    G.A. Marques 2 years

    The problem on this island is that almost everyone is racist. This has come about by citizens such as Patrick Manning in positions of political power trying to establish their race as superior by dividing the politics in this nation by race. The whole business of racism has spread throughout the nation by the inequalities observed in the Police system and government departments where everyone of importance are black. The Indians because of their wealth have become the target for the black kidnappers which by the impression given is sanctioned both by the police and politicians of the PNM.
    Racialism like corruption is the theme of the PNM political party, let no one tell you other wise. They strive on it.