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George slams Warner for speaking out about recent murders….

Emmanuel-GeorgeNational Security Minister, Emmanuel George has provided statistics to show why he has been more effective than his predecessor Jack Warner in tackling crime in this country.

In a letter to the Editor, Mr. George slammed his former Cabinet colleague for speaking out about the recent spike in murders in this country.

George said for the first three months of his tenure as National Security Minister there have been almost 500 serious crimes less than the three preceding months when Warner was in charge.

Between February to April, 3,349 serious crimes were reported, figures provided by George stated while between May to July, 2,850 serious crimes were reported, he stated.

Between Thursday night and yesterday some 13 murders were committed across the country.
Jack Warner1
George said many people have commented on this, chief among them Warner.

He said citizens can rest assured that the protective services will “push back” the criminal element.

On April 22, George replaced Warner as this country’s National Security Minister.