The Global death toll as a direct result of COVID-19, has passed 10,000, while confirmed cases nears 250,000. Still, more than 80,000 persons have recovered from the flu like virus.

BBC Health correspondent, James Gallagher has reported that research is happening at breakneck speed and presently, there are more than 20 vaccines in development.

Reports are that one vaccine has begun human trials after unusually skipping any animal research to test either the safety or the effectiveness of the vaccine. Other scientists are at the animal research stage and hope to get the results of human trials later in the year.

But even if scientists can celebrate having developed a vaccine this year, there is still the massive job of being able to mass-produce it. Gallagher reports that it means, realistically, one would not be ready until at least the middle of next year.

He says all of this is happening on an unprecedented timescale and using new approaches to vaccines, so there are no guarantees everything will go smoothly. Gallagher further reiterated that there are four coronaviruses that already circulate in human beings and these cause the common cold. He highlighted that there are no vaccines for any of these.