Hundreds of citizens converged at Mt. St. Benedict this morning to witness the re-enactment of the 14 Stations of the Cross

It’s an annual Good Friday procession by members of the Christian community… and its purpose is to encourage the masses to remember the death of Jesus Christ.

Kaleel Lucky who portrayed Jesus Christ and he said he hoped this event changed the hearts of many.hotxbuns

And many enjoyed the usual Good Friday breakfast of hot cross buns today

It’s the start of a day that many see as the day Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for the sake of mankind.

Newspower Authority spoke with Sister Zenna James of the Mount Hope Spiritual Baptist Church, during their Good Friday service

She said on this day her Church commemorates the memorial of Jesus Christ and the sacrifices he made for Mankind.

Another Good Friday tradition is the beating of the bobolee

And it was licks for the bobolee representing Public Services Association president, Watson Duke on Thursday

It was all in the spirit of the Good Friday tradition of beating the bobolee, and since angry PSA members could not get at the man…that is Mr Duke…they all got a chance to take their frustrations out on the dummy

The group was led by Wouldron Louison who has been engaging in a one-man outside the PSA head office on Abercrombry Street, Port of Spain for the last two weeks over Mr Duke’s decision to accept the Government’s five per cent offer.

PSA member Alana Goodridge George maintained Mr Duke was a traitor, and his day of reckoning was coming

Just after noon yesterday an attack was launched on two bobolees fashioned in the likeness of Mr Duke and PSA General Secretary Nixon Callender

The figures were nailed to a wall opposite the PSA head office.

The protestors punched, kicked, wrestled and even used a hammer to express their anger with the duo.
At one point the protestors threw Duke’s bobolee in the middle of the street, cars drove over it and eventually dragged it away.

Mr Louison spoke with reporters during the activity and said Mr Duke for his betrayal must demit office.

Stories by Sandy Mahabal and Sharon Williams-Ali