President of t he Prison Officers Association Cerron Richards.

The Prime Minister has been accused on dropping the ball and not doing enough in his response to the killing of Prisons Officer Fitzalbert Victor Jr.

The accusation came from President of the Prisons Officers Association Cerron Richards. After a failed attempt at his life six years ago, a gunman climbed the walls surrounding the Prizgar Lands, Laventille, home of prisons officer Fitzalbert Victor Jr.  and shot him repeatedly in the head and upper body yesterday.

Victor, who had ten years’ service could offer little defence when he was attacked as his back was turned, he had headphones on, the family’s pit bull was locked away and his service weapon, given to him after the first murder attempt, was locked away upstairs.

Richards said that the Prime Minister’s announcement that efforts would not be spared to protect Prison officers is too vague.

He also took issue with Housing Minister Ms. Marlene McDonald who he accused of disrespecting the service.

In an emergency press conference held in front of the Association outside of the Port of Spain Prison yesterday afternoon, Richards revealed that more needed to be done.


President of t he Prison Officers Association Cerron Richards.




Former National Security Minister, Gary Griffith

Former National Security Minister, Gary Griffith

The Former Minister of National Security has advised the current minister to hire someone to prepare better media statements on his behalf.

Gary Griffith’s remarks came this morning on the heels of National Security Minister Edmund Dillon’s statement that the murder of Prison Officer Fitzalbert Victor on Monday.

Mr. Griffith said this is not what Prison officers want to hear.


The former Minister noted that prison officers want to hear what is going to be done to alleviate the threat on their lives. He pointed out that the issue of housing allocation had been politicized in the past.


Former National Security Minister, Gary Griffith.