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Government ministers accused of using state-funded advertisements to bend media houses…

MSJ Leader speaks with OWTU Head

MSJ Leader speaks with OWTU Head

The Leader of Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) leader David Abdulah is alleging that certain high ranking government ministers are using state-funded advertisements to bend media houses to their will.

Speaking at a media conference at Communication Workers Union (CWU) in Port of Spain, yesterday, Abdulah said he heard conversations like this on more than one occasion.

He made the statement in connection with the walkout of three senior journalists at the Guardian newspaper, citing political interference as their reason.

The journalists claim that senior management was being influenced by politicians and was side lining Editor-in-chief Judy Raymond.

Abdulah would not name any member specifically, but said that the members of the alleged cabal were behind it all.

The MSJ was once a partner in the People’s Partnership Government, which was formed prior to the 2010 general election and includes the United National Congress (UNC), Congress of the People (COP), Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) and National Joint Action Committee (NJAC).

The MSJ withdrew on June 17 last year.