The Government is refusing to reveal the new information that came to the Prime Minister’s attention, which led to him firing Daryl Smith.

Former Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs, Darryl Smith has been fired as a government Minister.

In a statement yesterday, Dr. Rowley said he was made aware of new information in the matter concerning the dismissal of Ms Carrie-Ann Moreau and as such has asked the President to revoke Mr Smith’s appointment as Minister in the ministry of Housing & Urban Development

He also revealed that a committee has been appointed to conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Ms Moreau’s dismissal.

Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Stuart Young was asked in this morning’s Senate sitting by Senator Saddam Hosein to inform the public of the new information that had come to the Prime Minister’s attention.

However, Minister Young said the public will be made aware of the information when the Committee assigned to conduct its investigation produces its report. He was questioned about this repeatedly in the senate this morning. Here’s how those exchanges went: