NEWS GRAPHIC 9A media release issued by the Ministry of Communications on Thursday makes it clear that allegations currently making headlines regarding a government minister will not be validated with any further commentary from the government.

The ministry says the government sees this sudden emergence of the undated video as a vicious attempt at character assassination. It adds that that the video carries no evidence of anything but a distraction from the issues of the day.

Meanwhile, the Political Leader of the Congress of the People, Prakash Ramadhar, has requested a copy of the video with footage allegedly showing one of his Ministers’ involved in illegal activity.

In a media release the COP stated that they will be seeking clarity from the Minister on the contents of the video.

The COP stated further action will be taken if warranted, once the party completes its own investigations.

Mr. Ramadhar said they are treating the situation with the urgency it deserves, while at the same time ensuring that they do so in a manner that is fair to all concerned.