Leader of the Islamic Front, Umar Abdullah is lamenting what he suggests to be the state’s endorsement of bad behaviour.

In a video posted to social media, Abdullah questions the state’s promotion of Carnival.

He cited illicit sexual activity, fornication, adultery, an increase consumption of alcohol and drugs, dangerous and reckless driving, vulgar displays of nudity, increase in crimes and the degradation of women as byproducts of the festivities.

Abdullah labeled Carnival as the worst show on earth saying that all of this behaviour is consumed and considered art and culture.

Mr Abdullah also noted that the behaviours at Carnival are in stark contrast with societal norms and the values which many parents try to instill in their children.


No Judgement

Responding to these assertions, Chairman of the Nation Carnival Commission, Winston “Gypsy” Peters says everyone is entitled to their opinion.

He told News Power this morning that not everything that happens in the name of Islam is agreeable to everyone.

He said that Carnival is not a religious festival and the State cannot be held responsible for the actions of people during the cultural celebrations.

The NCC Chairman also revealed that Carnival itself is being promoted well by the State.