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Grandmother charged with indecency against a 7 year old.

Grandmother charged with indecency against a 7 year old.

NEWS GRAPHIC 15A grandmother charged with carrying out serious acts of indecency against her 7 year old grandson has been granted $70,000 bail.

She before a Sangre Grande magistrate charged with the offence which occurred between 2014 and 2015.

The 55 year old grandmother was arrested by police authorities at her Sangre Grande home on Friday January 30.

The arrest came after the boy reported that he was forced to perform sex acts on her.

Reports indicate that his mother who works in a Casino would usually drop the child off at his grandmother’s home.

The boy was taken from the home and medically examined.

He will receive counselling services from members of the Witness and Victim Support Unit.

She will reappear in court on April 5.





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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    This is no criminal case until there is sufficient evidence. Children often have plenty fantasy and are able to create any silly story.The Sangre Grande police should arrest one of their collegues who cooperated with criminals by giving them information how to murder a witness. The story with the grandmother proves T&T is ahypocrits society where big criminals have fools freedom whilst minor crimes get extreme fines.