One day after two armed robbers forced their way into RT Jewelers in San Fernando and made off with an undisclosed amount of jewelry, the country is up in arms over the strange behavior of one man who had been in the jewelry store at the time of the incident.

“Green Pants” as he’s being referred to, was too calm, many are arguing, speculating that the young man who is seen walking with his head bowed and maintaining his composure as the assailants smash glass showcases and fill their bags with the loot, was a part of the robbery. To this time, police have not revealed any details surrounding the robbery.

Radio talk shows heard numerous callers argue that ‘Green Pants’ had probably been in a state of shock. According to, robberies may have very adverse effects on a victim. It is pointed out that the direct or implied violence may cause personal reactions and feelings that a victim is not used to, regardless of the degree of violence, noting that victims may personalize the robbery and regard their reactions as unusual. Research suggests that a person’s reaction to a robbery may depend upon:

  • the suddenness or degree or warning
  • the extent to which your personal safety is threatened
  • the behavior of the robbers
  • the number of previous robberies in which you were involved
  • your level of stress prior to the robbery
  • your state of physical and emotional health
  • the amount of support you receive immediately after the robbery

Common Reactions of Victims

Many of your reactions during a robbery will be automatic. You may not be conscious of what you are doing. Events may seem to be in slow motion. Several minutes may seem like an hour. You may focus exclusively on one or two aspects of what is happening and not notice other events, which are occurring.

These reactions are common:

  • fear for one’s personal safety or the safety of colleagues
  • helplessness about being unable to do anything
  • confusion about what to do or how to respond to the robbers’ demands
  • anger at having to surrender money or goods
  • concern that the robber may remember who you are
  • physical reactions such as trembling, or the inability to move

So, now with this assessed, take a look at the video. Tell us, do you still think ‘Green Pants’ was a part of the heist or simply found himself in a state of shock?