Greenvale residents can breathe a sigh of relief as their homes and valuables were spared after heavy rainfall on Tuesday.

That is according to a statement by the Housing Development Corporation as the Managing Director and engineers, visited Greenvale Park and Oropune Gardens on Monday  to survey the communities.

Water levels in the ponds were reported to be “sufficiently low” and there wasn’t any overspilling into the communities.

The HDC said it will continue to monitor the watercourses as the inclement weather passes.

Over the last three months, the HDC completed a number of mitigation and infrastructure projects at Greenvale such as the construction of a containment berm, raising of the berm and culvert and the construction of a road to connect Greenvale Park and La Horquetta South.

In October 2018, heavy rains left thousands marooned in their homes with communities across the East-West Corridor including Greenvale, Oropune Gardens as well as Caroni and Chaguanas devastated by flooding.