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Griffith waiting on Life Sport probe to be completed

Gary Griffith officialMinister of National Security Gary Griffith has stated that the current Finance Ministry probe of the Life Sport programme will confirm whether or not there is any criminal activity in the programme.

The Minister revealed that he had no intentions of entering into any “catfight” with Life Sport personnel.

He made the comments following yesterday’s press conference by Life Sport officials who, while stating they welcomed the audit, took issue with some of Griffith’s recent reported statements on the programme.

At last Saturday’s People’s Partnership (PP) rally, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, acknowledging concerns about the programme.

She disclosed that it was being transferred from the Sport Ministry to Griffith’s National Security Ministry and a Finance Ministry audit would be done.

Yesterday Minister Griffith claimed that his job was to ensure the programme could work at optimum level, and to root out any questionable activities or criminal elements that may be involved.

Griffith said he was now finalizing details of how the Defence Force would take over the programme with the Chief of Defence Staff and ministry officials.

He said he also intended to work closely with the Sport Ministry.