There is some concern today that not enough attention is being placed on gun control in Trinidad and Tobago.

Former national security Minister Gary Griffith believes that we do have many shortcomings as it relates to gun control , and because of our law, it is solely the Commissioner of Police who has the authority to rectify it.

He says that the Commissioner is unfortunately sitting on a ‘powder keg’ waiting to explode if these issues are not dealt with.

Speaking to News Power Now this morning he said our Laws dictate that every citizen has the right to apply for a firearm.

This right he claims is being ignored by the Commissioner by the deliberate refusal to respond to the several thousand who have requested a Firearm Users License (FUL).

He also says failure to respond to FUL requests, has caused a window for corruption.

Failure to properly monitor and evaluate those who have authorisation for carrying firearms is another issue that must be addressed.