Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Roshan Parasram says citizens can expect the vaccine for the influenza virus to be available in the coming days.

He gave the assurance while speaking with News Power Now.

Noting the recent social media reports of an H1N1 outbreak, Dr. Parasram said the citizenry had nothing to be worried about as these reports are false.

He is nonetheless reminding members of the public however to take personal health precautions to protect themselves and their families from the Influenza virus and other diseases.

The Ministry says this is the first line of defence against sickness.

Dr. Parasram also said that the vaccine is not meant to protect the immune system from the common cold.

People in the following groups are particularly vulnerable to the flu and the relevant complications:

Children aged 6 months to 5 years, pregnant women, adults over 65, people with chronic medical conditions (such as Diabetes) and people with chronic respiratory illnesses (such as Asthma).