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Hairdresser shot in the hand.

Hairdresser shot in the hand.

shootingA 28 year old Moruga hairdresser is today nursing a gunshot wound suffered to the hand, following an incident on Sunday night.

According to reports, Nikki Ann Marchan and her spouse had been driving along Palmer Street, Basse Terre Village at around 11:20pm when they came upon a Hyundai Matrix  motor vehicle blocking the intersection to the Moruga Road.

The couple exited their vehicle and proceeded to approach the vehicle, having seen a man they knew, speaking with four other men. An argument reportedly ensued and as Marchan and her spouse turned their backs to walk back to their vehicle, several gunshots were fired in their direction.  Marchan was shot in the hand and was subsequently taken to the Princes Town District Health facility before being transferred to the San Fernando general Hospital where she was treated.

Officers attached to the Moruga Police Station responded to reports of the incident and one of the suspects was arrested.

A search for the other suspect continues.