A couple and their two children have been evicted from a house at the Greenvale, La Horquetta, community after officials from the Housing Development Corporation said they had been living there illegally for more than a year.

The couple, Atiba and Natasha Sorzano, was discovered to be living in a unit at Alpha Avenue without authorisation.

Reports say HDC officials approached the family last Saturday while providing flood assistance to members of the community and requested to see their HDC documentation as records showed the house was supposed to be unoccupied.

The officials claimed that the documentation provided appeared to be fraudulent and requested that the couple visit the HDC office in Port of Spain to clear up the issue.

When they went to the HDC, the family was told to leave the house by Wednesday, otherwise, they will be evicted.

HDC officials kept true to their word and while the couple was at their attorney’s office, HDC officials removed the family’s belongings and placed it outside the home.

How­ev­er, the couple claims they were first con­tact­ed by the HDC in 2014.

They told reporters that they were interviewed and told by the HDC that they were allocated a home in Greenvale.

They added that they were given a readout and details as to the cost of the home but were not called back afterwards.

They claimed that 3 years later they returned to the HDC office and after some inquiries, they were directed to an HDC employee who eventually organized the relevant documents and keys to the property.

The family moved in shortly afterwards.

They deny paying anyone at HDC to produce the documents.

The HDC has since said in a statement that it has a ze­ro tol­er­ance pol­i­cy in re­la­tion to il­le­gal oc­cu­pa­tion and will con­tin­ue to re­move il­le­gal oc­cu­pants once they are dis­cov­ered.