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HDC Managing Director tells the ToP CoP to name the gang leaders…

Jearlean John Edited

Managing Director of the Housing Development Corporation, Jearlean John

The Housing Development Corporation has denied awarding contracts to gang leaders.

HDC Managing Director, Jearlean John, at a news briefing on Wednesday, responded to questions and concerns surrounding the controversial contract to build the Duncan Street, Port of Spain, Police Post.

An article in yesterday’s Guardian alleged that the HDC had hired alleged gang leader Kenneth “Spanish” Rodriguez to refurbish the Duncan Street Police Post.

John said she was shocked to see the report since she was questioned on the issue and her denial was carried in a front page article on the same newspaper, last Saturday.

John said Rodriguez never had a contract to construct or refurbish the Duncan Street facility, adding that the HDC does not hire people to work.

She said it was also untrue that he was a sub-contractor with the HDC.

She added that it may have been possible that he was hired by the contractor to work on the site.

The HDC Managing Director also called on acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams to publish the names and photos of all gang leaders in the country and to make such a list available to the HDC.

John said the issue of gang leaders is not a matter for the HDC, but for the police.