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Head Butting. Prison Officers and AG Not Seeing Eye to Eye. Guns for Off Duty PO’s REJECTED.

Head Butting. Prison Officers and AG Not Seeing Eye to Eye. Guns for Off Duty PO’s REJECTED.

Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi

Calls from the Prisons Officers Association (POA) for off duty officers to carry firearms are being rejected by the Attorney General Faris Al Rawi.

Last week prisons officers went to the Canadian High Commission, attempting to get an audience with the High Commissioner.

The POA sought asylum in that country, claiming the Government was turning a blind eye to their concerns.

However Al Rawi, speaking at a constituency meeting held at the Pt. Cumana Community Centre on the weekend, said the association is well aware of plans between this country and Canada.

He said the Prison Officers Association has an obligation to tell the country that the Attorney General and Minister of National Security went to work with the Canadian Government.

AG Al-Rawi said there were many hardworking Prison Officers and he challenged the POA to lead the charge in saying how illegal weapons and other illicit items like phones entered the prisons.

Prison Officers Association President, Ceron Richards.

Meanwhile, Prison Officers Association President, Cerron Richards has suggested that Attorney General Faris Al Rawi and by extension the Government, is not serious about battling the trafficking of contraband into prisons.

Speaking on CNC3’s Morning Brew Programme on Monday, Mr. Richards said the Prison Officers Association has called on Government in the past to implement several measures to address this issue and nothing has been done.

While admitting that there may be some rogue elements within the prisons authorities, Mr. Richards said the loopholes in the system must be fixed before any fingers can be pointed.