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Health Minister not amused by President’s Parliamentary address….

Dr Fuad KhanThe tone, tenor and text of the President’s address at the ceremonial opening of the Fourth Session of the Tenth Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago, has not been taken lightly by Health Minister and MP for Barataria/San Juan, Dr Fuad Khan.

In a no nonsense tone, President Carmona scolded the Opposition’s Chief Whip Marlene McDonald for interrupting his delivery and chided Leader of Government Business for allowing sittings to run late into the night.

His Excellency called for an 8 am rather than the established 1.30 p.m start for regular proceedings.

In an interview with News Power Now, Dr Khan, who also served in the past as Deputy Speaker of the House, said that the President had no right to speak to elected representatives in such a manner.

He added that the President is a new President who has the desire to do well.

Friday last was the ceremonial opening of the Fourth Session of the Tenth Parliament.


  • comment-avatar
    Tonyette 5 years

    STEUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The President was “bang-on” in his tone, text and delivery. Fuad Khan and other elected members who daily disappoint and disgrace this country would do well to heed the President’s call so that their official time in government would be realized.

    Fuad Khan must also understand that Parliamentarians are obliged to maintain the dignity and sanctity of this august House or get out of the Chamber. Ms. Mac Donald was duly put in her place. Ill-mannesr is NOT cute, especially when one is obese and highly visible. She must now apologize to the President, with dispatch!

    Congratulations President Carmona! Please continue to lift standards long forgotten and ignored!

  • comment-avatar
    emeka meka renaud 5 years

    I totally agree Tonyette, Mr Khan will not agree because he supports the mannerism of the PP in Parliament, the President is correct in everything he said and the necessary changes should be made effective asap!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Anthony Lamb 5 years

    Kudos to the Prez for re-iterating the need for DECORUM in all aspects of life whether public or otherwise as for 8am sittings that may inspire the masses to wake up and start the business of living towards first world status serious!!

  • comment-avatar
    Ah Fed up 5 years

    This minister sounding like a harden child. Bold face and resistant, wrong and strong and refusing to accept responsibility. He obviously did not get the message. Well who can’t hear will feel.

  • comment-avatar
    NYC 5 years

    Who the hell really cares what Fuad Khan thinks?