zikaesHealth Minister Terrence Deyalsingh, in an attempt to zap out the rising number of ZIKA cases across Trinidad and Tobago, yesterday conducted a mosquito eradication exercise in the St. George West District. He was accompanied by the Insect Vector, Army Rapid Response, Diego Martin Regional Corporation and Zika Task Force.

During the exercise, Minister Delaysingh visited the homes of several residents pointing out places that were potential breeding grounds for the Aedes Egypti mosquito.

He bemoaned the sight of old abandoned vehicles, rubbish and empty bottles, this as he said the majority of the 247 confirmed cases of Zika, had come from the St George West district.

In an immediate response to the issue, the minister yesterday handed out mosquito zappers to residents of the district. Minister Deyalsingh yesterday said there is growing concern that the actual number of Zika cases in Trinidad and Tobago, may be in the thousands. As such, the Ministry of health continues to plea with citizens to join in ongoing by the regional corporations and take an active role in the eradication of this pandemic.