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Health Ministry commends staff for response to two emergency events


Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh

The Ministry of Health is commending members of staff who responded to two separate emergency events, in South and East Trinidad, on Tuesday.

It says on the night of August 2nd, the Airports Authority contacted senior medical staff of the Ministry of Health and advised that passengers on inbound American Airlines flight AA 2713, from Miami, had sustained injuries due to turbulence on the aircraft.

A media release from the ministry said staff of both the Arima District Health Facility and the Global Medical Response of Trinidad and Tobago Limited were quickly mobilized to provide direct care and support to passengers of the incoming flight.

The staff of the Accident and Emergency Department of the Sangre Grande Hospital was also placed on alert to treat any injuries which might have been sustained.

Medical personnel provided immediate care on the scene as majority of patients received minor injuries.

Other patients were treated at public health facilities. Three persons were transferred to North Central Regional Health Authority facilities and two have since been discharged.

One patient remains warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex and is currently resting while under observation.

In the second event, contractors from the Atlantic LNG, Point Fortin site were treated and subsequently discharged from the Area Hospital Point Fortin after a hydrocarbon release led to an evacuation of the facility.

The contractors received prompt treatment for respiratory injuries relating to the inhalation of hydrocarbon.

Staff of the Area Hospital Point Fortin’s Facility maintained contact with the Atlantic LNG representatives in preparation for any surge of patients at the health facility.

While none of the injuries were life threatening, events such as these underscore the importance of adequate planning and preparation for emergencies.