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Herbert Volney resigns his St. Joseph seat…


Former St. Joseph MP, Herbert Volney

Former Supreme Court Judge, Herbert Volney, has resigned his St. Joseph seat.

According to a media release from Mr. Volney, the resignation becomes effective as of September 23rd, 2013.

He said his resignation was done to correct the wrong ruling of Speaker of the House of Representative, Wade Mark, and his desire to discontinue electoral politics.

Mr. Volney’s seat was declared vacant by Speaker Mark in Parliament on September 9th following his resignation from the United National Congress on July 30.

After the vacant declaration of his seat, the St. Joseph MP had 14 days to legally challenge or accept the Speaker’s ruling.

Under Section 49 A (4) of the Constitution, Mr. Volney, according to a statement by Speaker Mark, is required to cease to perform his functions as a member of the House of Representatives with immediate effect.

Mr. Volney’s resignation will also trigger another bye-election this year, the first being in the in Chaguanas West constituency.