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Highway cleared after early morning protest…

mass highway protest

highway protest earlier today…

Roads leading to the Mosquito Creek cremation site, the Goudinuea Bridge, the S.S. Erin Road have been cleared following protest by residents early this morning. The protesters were those whose properties fall within the path of the Point Fortin Highway.

highway protest3

Protesting residents at Otaheite, South Oropouche.

The residents have however, vowed to continue protesting with placards to highlight their grievances, as according to them, the pen is no longer working.

Speaking with News Power Now, Head of the Point Fortin Action Committee, Edward Moodie, said the group’s main contention was several unresolved issues and promises, like one made by Works Minister Dr. Suruj Rambachan to secure loans for the poor.

highway protest2

A protester at Otaheite, South Oropouche

Moodies said the group was served with legal notices from the National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NIDCO) telling residents their properties haved been acquired, and that their lands were no longer needed.