The Hindu Women’s Organization of Trinidad and Tobago maintains its demands for the Marriage Acts of Trinidad and Tobago to be amended.

It reflects upon its advocacy in this regards which spanned the period November 2012- May 2013 when a petition which attracted close to 1000 signatures was presented to the former Minister of Legal Affairs Mr. Prakash Ramadhar.

This is according to a recent release sent by the Organization.

It stated that the Organization unflinchingly voiced their concerns at the recent views of Mr Harripersad Maharaj, President of the Inter-Religious Organization and Mrs. Raziah Ahmed, President of the National Muslim Women of Trinidad and Tobago who claimed to reportedly speak for all Muslims.


They cited an extract from the 2011 publication by The Royal Commonwealth Society Briefing Paper: What the Commonwealth can do to end early and forced marriage).
It stated in part:
“Outdated laws and practices that are oppressive should be abolished and replaced by new laws and policies. The British Slavery Abolition Act was passed in 1833 and the slaves were emancipated in 1834. For centuries the slaves endured various forms of cruelty and were treated as property.”


The Diego Martin United Church is not a member of the Inter-Religious Organization of Trinidad and Tobago, led by The Reverend Clifford R. L. Rawlins, issue a media release Thursday evening commenting on the national issue of child marriages.

Reverend Rawlins said whilst they do not believe they don’t have any the right to interfere in matters of law and other religious bodies, the issue of child marriage affects the national community and is a cause for concern.

Reverend Rawlins lamented to the fact that his religious body is denouncing statements made in attempts to justify child marriages, and calls upon the government to ensure the rights and protection of all the country’s children, over any religious practice.

Reverend Rawlins said it is disgraceful for any government to condone sexual activity between a person of majority age and someone who is a minor

He is now calling for citizens to engage in strategic partnerships among government, civil society, and faith-based organizations to facilitate dialogue and implement action against such practice.