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Hiring Practices at Caribbean Airlines Being Questioned.

Hiring Practices at Caribbean Airlines Being Questioned.

Joint Select Committee of Parliament on State Enterprises member, David Small, raises concerns about the hiring practices of Caribbean Airlines Limited.

He did so during a news briefing on Tuesday afternoon.

The JSC also cited concern with respect to bonus arrangements and other areas of CAL’s operation.



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    Yes this was never we airline as they say Be Wee. It was the PNM and UNC airline. Just like all the other 26 plus state enterprises. They no longer fool me … This is a PNM/UNC wack job going on here. When PNM is in power they wacker out the UNC and vice versa. Billions are badly spent all Be but WEe money from WEe treasury. All the years from 1970 to now I travel each year with Be Wee and made to pay and I see the faces change the ones who feel they reach showing off in the privileged section of the plane. What always remain on my mind is how much black people care about they own…. zilth. They spit on we all the time. This is why we are still enslaved. I hear the PEP leader fight off his interviewer on Power 102 this week and that interviewer was full of plenty BS. We all face this BS from the PNM and UNC every day. Fitzroy of fake oil and Mark of striving for a panorama tune fame are reminders of two immense failures in the oil and gas industry put in the most high places. Those of us in the Fedchem days know this. But they have the connections for the biggest work in the land of ours. Two oil and gas companies that drained our treasury for years and are poorly designed and mismanaged for years by them and their PNM or UNC family and friends. How much contract Smilely and his wife are making off Petrotrin? WHEN WILL IT EVER END FOR US?