Trade and Industry Minister, Paula Gopee Scoon, says she is hoping that the proposed two day shutdown of businesses in Tobago will not materialize.

The idea of the shut-down was raised during a meeting held recently by the Inter-Island Truckers and Traders Association, which is upset with the unreliability with sea transport between Trinidad and Tobago and has claimed that the situation has resulted in millions of dollars being lost.

Minister Gopee Scoon in response to a question posed to her on the issue said measures are being implemented to avert the problem.

Meanwhile, Works and Transport Minister, Rohan Sinnanan, stated Caribbean Airlines has indicated it will provide additional flights to the sister isle to take up the slack in the system.

Still in the Senate Finance Minister, Colm Imbert, speaking on behalf of the Transport Minister said April month end is the expected timeline for the MV Galleons Passage to arrive in the country.

Minister Imbert also gave a breakdown of the $17.38 million US dollars spent to buy the latest fast ferry vessel.