rudy The Housing minister is confident there will be a resolution to the ongoing impasse between farmers an the HDC over the recently bulldozed lands

Dr Roodal Moonilal says having come from a farming community himself he is aware of all the challenges facing the group, and so he is ready to act on their behalf

He was speaking on First Up this morning when he assured the issue of compensation for those affected will be addressed today when he meets with Food Production Minister Vasant Bharath, after the post Cabinet Briefing

The farmers remain uptight about the recent bulldozing of lands in Central and East Trinidad, and the crops that were destroyed in the process

The group makes it clear that compensation is not the only thing they want

They say they want to be able to remain on the lands they have occupied for years

For Dr Moonilal relocation may be part of the deal but said his meeting with Minister Bharath will cover a comprehensive land use policy

Written by Sharon Williams-Ali