A 50 year old man, who sells coffee and hot dogs to maxi taxi drivers at their Broadway Maxi Taxi stand in Arima, appeared before Arima Magistrate Gail Gonzales on Thursday for his decision to steal coffee from an Arima Supermarket, rather than buy it

Peter Williams who is also known as ‘Hot Dog Attorney’ recently went to Hi Lo to replenish his stocks

He removed a 60 dollar bottle of Hong Wing Coffee from the shelf and instead of taking it to the cashier, emptied its contents into his pants pocket and put the empty bottle back on the shelf

He was caught by the supervisor who called the police, and when the lawmen arrived they found the merchandise in his pocket

He was charged for larceny of the coffee, and pleaded guilty

For his 60 dollar indiscretion…Williams, from Maloney Gardens in D’Abadie, was fined one thousand dollars, to be paid immediately